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About TYDE Consulting

TYDE is a consulting firm, specialising in business and HR training. We are the first and only firm in Vietnam, certified to train in Process Communication Model®


We build communication bridges across generations, teams, and individuals.

Since 2020, we have trained various teams from the trendy Media company to international manufacturing firms.


We leverage diversity and use it as a strength for the organization.

Our mission is to support the transition to growth of leading companies in Vietnam.


We give the future shapers of your company the tools to create their own success within your business.



There is no one-size-fits-all solution. By building unique and clear communication bridges, we unleash the power of diversity within your teams to meet the demands of today’s workforce.



Sometimes, we make problems more complex than they are. Critical thinking is good, but too much analysis can cause us to lose sight of the essentials at work. We help you simplify your processes and refine your approach.



With tailor-made programs, we transmit a sense of belonging throughout your company. Without a common purpose, employees and leaders do not know what they are working towards and can easily become stressed. Together, we create actual purpose and a sense of belonging.

Executive coach, Denise is the 1st trainer in Vietnam certified in Process Communication Model® After her career in supply chain, she decided to go back to her passion: helping people grow. From customer service coordinator to coach, she has acquired the fundamentals of change management with a strong focus on Human Development in an international context.

All her training programs are learner-centric, while keeping in mind the ecology of the organisation. Denise has trained cross-generational and management teams from Media to Manufacturing industries in Communication, Leadership, and Management skills.

Advocate of inclusivity and humanist at heart, she is also:

She is a speaker on Positive mindset, Inclusive leadership and Employee empowerment. Denise is passionate about seeing people through, and regularly takes up challenges from meditation practice to Muay Thai camp.

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