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A passion for people.

TYDE is a team of people-oriented trainers and coaches who are passionate about helping others grow. We provide custom training programs in communication and leadership, to the leading firms in Vietnam. Learn how to adapt intuitively and instantly to build tolerant, constructive and empathetic communication.

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Driven by diversity, simplicity and transmission, we are the first and only consulting firm in Vietnam, certified to train in Process Communication Model® (PCM), a 360 tool that will enable you and your teams to:

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    BOOST YOUR SALES: Drive your sales performance based on customer-centered experience
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    EMPOWER YOUR PEOPLE:  Future proof your labor force with a holistic approach to boost your retention rate
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    CREATE COLLECTIVELY:  Stimulate internal innovation and go-to-market strategy


Tyde training programs are both meaningful and relevant. They combine active learning best practices with the scientifically-validated methodology of Process Communication Model, to shape your organisation for your long-term success.

  • Leadership Through Change
    Prepare your organization for the future
    Leadership Through Change

    This training explains the dynamics of leadership and provides practical advice on the best ways to help people grow and develop.

  • Build & Motivate high-performing teams
    Hire your dream team
    Build & Motivate high-performing teams

    This course will take you through the strategy to attract, hire, generate engagement and empower your team to achieve high performance and excellence.

  • Work-Life balance for Leaders
    Lead the organization to future success
    Work-Life balance for Leaders

    The insights in this course enable effective leaders to boost their emotional intelligence to achieve harmonious work-life balance.

  • Effective communication
    Boost your business performance
    Effective communication

    Interested in communicating more effectively? With this in-depth course, you will be equipped with techniques to establish clear communication channels, develop open communication, and assess effectiveness.

  • Thrive through team conflicts
    Manage conflicts positively
    Thrive through team conflicts

    Enroll in our comprehensive course to learn how to transform your conflicts into constructive conversations.

  • Communication to Go global
    Prepare your international exposure
    Communication to Go global

    This training aims at bridging cultural gaps and help your people adapt to foreign environment.

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