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TYDE offers exclusive corporate programs for learners to bridge insightful training experience with the daily management at work.
We aim at improving your teamwork, empowering your leaders and strengthening your overall employee experience.


Why choose training with TYDE?


  • To make the best out of your investment, all participants will learn by doing.
  • Attention span is shorter than ever before. This is why we combine different methodologies to put the skills to work and stay active.
  • We make sure the participants practice their new skills, and connect with their own experience to create a hands-on collective experience.


  • The one-size-fits-all is dead. This is why each program we craft is adapted to your specific needs.
  • All our training programs are wired for long-term success. We give the tools to your teams for them to shape the future of your organization, quickly adapt to market disruptions and find fulfillment and purpose at work.


  • One key to a fulfilling employee experience is to feel heard, cared and accepted for their work performance, for their unique way to see the world and for their contribution to reaching the purpose of your organization.
  • We create a psychologically safe learning environment so that all participants contribute to the discussion and share their experiences.

  • "Working at an international company with people from diverse cultural backgrounds can create misunderstanding, miscommunication and conflicts. It was the kind of situation where I started to doubt about myself and to ask myself "Why does this make me feel totally overwhelm? How do I overcome my stress ?". With Denise's help and PCM, I learnt that the key is self-awareness. I now accept and identify my weak spots and I can now focus on how to avoid distress situations. I have now the tool to pull up myself from my own dark side. Each conflicts/miscommunication are now handled with more perspectives which helps me to analyze, think and adapt each words, way of communicating with others more easily. I understand myself AND I understand others ! One advice: "Don't hesitate and just do it !" PCM is the best experience to learn more and broaden your mind. And with Denise empathy, care and support, you will get all the tools you need to self-care, unlock your mindset and Emotional Intelligence."

    Lucille Sirvent

    Divisional Manager Merchandising at Comtex

  • "If you are looking for the best way to make teamwork effective and wipe out your frustration as a manager, work with TYDE. The team is professional and experienced. You'll learn a lot and see the result immediately. Thanks to Denise, I now understand better what motivate and what stress others."

    Ivah Aprilia

    Digital Customer Experience Manager at Education in Motion (EiM), formerly known as Dulwich College International

  • “A great thanks to you! You are a good coach who gives me recommendations, orientations, skills and dreams to build my job and my life. Your feedback from you and audiences is a precious gift for me. This is an opportunity so I can learn and improve myself more and more.”


    Packaging Engineer at Scancom Vietnam

  • "As part of an annual cross-sector conference to inspire partnerships between nonprofits and private sector, we engaged Denise to design and facilitate a workshop on the "Art of Collaboration" with another seasoned trainer. The training content Denise delivered on the process communication model was insightful, thought-provoking, and offered digestible practical advice on how to bring together diverse teams to work for social impact. When she delivers training, Denise radiates positivity and brightness and makes sure participants are engaged and included in the activities and practice sessions. I recommend Denise and TYDE services to anyone interested in helping their teams improve their capacity and ways of working."


    Partner at RAISE

  • "Emotions used to overwhelm me. I struggled to understand and manage them. With Denise's help, I understood that I am a normal person and that there is a logic behind emotions. Discovering Process Communication Model helped me to understand my emotions, to analyse people's behaviour and to gain perspective on human interactions. I feel that I can now communicate more clearly and mindfully with others. Thanks to TYDE, I realized that the path to learn about one self is also the path to learn about others."

    Marily Phoutar

    Asia area manager at PONTHIER & PCB CREATION

  • "Before working with Denise, I went through an identity crisis, and had to deal with complex relationships with my beloved ones. I felt self-doubt, low self-esteem. After a six-month coaching journey with Coach Denise Truong - Founder CEO of TYDE, now I understand myself at a deeper level and feel more comfortable and peaceful inside. TYDE was the best companion I ever have to partner up with, on my growth journey. I have the clarity, emotional intelligence and self-confidence I always wanted!"

    Thuy Linh Truong Ho

    Manager at Manulife Vietnam

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