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Be Authentic To Inspire Your Teams

Posted on Jul 12, 2023.

There is a leader who is known to be a good listener and thoughtful boss in one-on-one meetings. However, he tends to be formal and insensitive in large forums because he is so focused on finding solutions and does not share his own perspectives when it comes to problems. This can make employees feel that their boss lacks authenticity and the ability to inspire.

It is commonly understood that in order to inspire your team, you should not only make an effort to care for your employees and provide wise solutions for work-related issues but also share personal stories that allow them to see you as a human and become more motivated by you.

What is authenticity and why is it important at work?

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Authenticity is defined as being "true to one's own personality, spirit, or character." An authentic person is self-aware and understands their emotions, values, and competencies. They are honest with themselves and others and take responsibility for their mistakes.

Authenticity leads to trust in relationships. The end goal is that the more your employees trust you, the more engaged they'll be.

Authentic leaders act as positive role models by generating a productive and pleasant environment. They enhance employees' well-being and boost organizational success. The more you act like yourself at work, the more your employees will show up being themselves. The more authentic everyone is at work, the more people will enjoy the workplace environment and produce good work.

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Be authentic to inspire others

1. Discover your strengths.

You'll become the best leader you can be if you find out what makes you uniquely powerful. Embrace them. Live them. And when you lean into your strengths, your followers are more likely to perceive you as authentic and relatable.

2. Open up about how you feel and share your personal stories to inspire your team.

Now that you are ready to be yourself at work, your employees will want to hear your personal stories when you face problems and learn from your experiences. They want to see the "real" you and work with an authentic boss. It is okay to share your feelings when you win or lose a contract. This behaviour will also help your team reveal their emotions and be more open with each other at work.

3. Build strengths-based teams.

Leaders show respect to their followers by acknowledging their employees' abilities and providing constructive feedback. It's important to highlight the strengths of another person's work and suggest alternatives for areas that could be improved. This provides an opportunity to share your thoughts and improve the outcome for everyone. The ultimate goal is to create an experience where others walk away feeling understood and motivated to achieve their goals in the future.

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4. Express your boundaries.

Speak up when you see something wrong, as people may not even be aware that their actions are inappropriate or causing undue stress. Respect your own boundaries and encourage others to do the same. By establishing your own boundaries, you can encourage others to establish boundaries for themselves. When everyone feels comfortable setting boundaries, it can help create a more authentic and productive workplace.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could be your true self at work? Start by opening up about your personal life outside of work and expressing your feelings when necessary. The more you act authentically, the more satisfaction you will feel, and the more motivation you can deliver to your employees. Remember, to be a great leader, you don't need to be perfect or have a one-size-fits-all leadership style. All you need to do is be yourself as a leader, not someone else. Contact us if you need help speaking up and inspiring others through your speech!

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