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Posted on Apr 10, 2023.

Flashback to 2022, SPRING Production - a world-leading marketing execution partner appointed TYDE to deliver a customized learning and development program in Ho Chi Minh City: SPRING Academy.

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We aimed to develop the soft skills of SPRING's middle managers, enabling them to create their own unique leadership style while remaining aligned with SPRING's values of openness and collaboration. Our focus was to give them a tool to infuse these skills and values into their daily operations.

With the SPRING Academy, the Middle Managers became SPRING Leaders, capable of saying no, inspiring SPRING values to their teammates, voicing their opinions confidently, solving conflicts, and empowering their teams. The goal was to achieve a higher level of employee satisfaction and to reduce turnover, as stated by the SPRING Production Employee Satisfaction survey (March 2022), which revealed that 57% of employees chose Personal Development as one of their top three motivations in the company.

How TYDE accompanied SPRING to reach this goal?

To attain this objective, TYDE designed a tailored learning and development initiative called SPRING Academy in Ho Chi Minh City. The program offered training and monitoring for Middle Managers within a 6-month timeframe.

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The training used a combination of offline and online tools to support the transformation of SPRING Middle Managers. Offline, the scientifically-validated tool of the Process Communication Model was used, along with gamified activities and role plays, to empower SPRING Middle Managers. Online tools were used to motivate Middle Managers, reinforce knowledge acquisition, and reflect on the learning experience.

With SPRING Academy, TYDE equipped Middle Managers with an exclusive model used by NASA (Process Communication Model - PCM)), an actionable skillset to manage their team effectively, deal with internal and external conflicts, and strategies to build their own community to spread the value and inspire others among departments.

The remarkable outcomes of the 6-month training

spring 3

At the end of each training session, participants were asked to provide feedback on their experience. Overall, an increase in the trust of their team by 0.13 points was observed over a period of three months (from 7th October to 16th December 2022), and this positive trend needs to be sustained over time with further initiatives to confirm their skills.

spring 4

SPRING Academy received positive feedback from the SPRING Middle Management team, who found the training sessions informative, intensive, and relevant to their daily jobs. TYDE training equips them with leadership knowledge and helps them to deal with pressured requirements, manage communication or management issues with logic, rationale, and tools, and build healthier habits to cope with stress in their personal life.

PCM Training rate by SPRING MM team (1-5)

spring 5


“Until we met with Denise, we could not find a certified trainer that was able to design a program that was tailor-made to our needs. Denise empowered our Middle Management team by equipping them with PCM (Process Communication Model), conflict management, and community-building skills around SPRING values. We now have a common language to streamline our processes and improve our operational efficiency with our Middle Management team, while scaling our company culture! ”

Darren McDougall - Head of Operations at SPRING Production

spring 6

“TYDE’s training is relevant to our daily job. Training sessions are informative, and intensive with great activities. PCM equipped me with leadership knowledge and helps me know how to deal with pressured requirements. SPRING academy also helps me build a healthier habit of coping with stress in my personal life as well. Now I have the ability to deal with communication or management issues with logic, rationale, and tools.”

Hien Do - Senior Graphic Production Manager at SPRING Production

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