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Tyde Consulting: Strategic Partnership with Source of Asia

Posted on Nov 27, 2023.

Project Background

TYDE Consulting provides HR consulting and corporate training programs in Intercultural Communication, Public Speaking, and Emotional Intelligence that help bridge the gap between C-levels and middle managers in international work environments in Vietnam.

Source of Asia (SoA) is an on-the-ground expert firm in Southeast Asia for market growth strategy. In 2022, TYDE Consulting and SoA officially marked a strategic partnership to offer a complete Supply Chain mission from identifying potential suppliers and conducting factory audits to the HR transition process in the Vietnam market.

One client of SoA recently expanded to the Vietnamese market and faced issues related to the workforce transition from Vietnamese to International standards. Specifically, the Global team recognized significant internal conflicts due to differences in culture and working style between the local and global teams. Consequently, it led to a considerable resignation ratio of high-potential talents.

Therefore, TYDE Consulting stepped in to untie these knots that impacted team engagement, team morale, and overall team performance, to create an empowering workplace to match international standards.



1. Discovery phase - where we identified the root cause driving the internal conflicts.

  • Identify the current global corporate values and their actual application in leadership and decision-making in daily life at the Vietnam office.
  • Evaluate the existing work environment, priorities, and team dynamics.
  • Foster a psychologically safe space where the local leader and internal team are open to share their thoughts and collaborate to solve existing operational issues without being judged.


2. Coaching phase - where we customized a transformative coaching journey and shared practical feedback with the Local leader.

  • Shift Leader's perception from micro-management to an inspirational leader.
  • Develop six 1-on-1 coaching sessions with the Local leader where she can self-reflect on areas for improvement. With the following topics:
    • Commitment to the team as a Leader
    • Leadership & Decision-making for an Empowering Workplace
    • Conflict Management for internal and external team
    • Positive communication to nurture efficient teamwork.
    • Interpersonal relationship management
    • Increase the Local leader's self-awareness with the scientifically validated methodology of the Process Communication Model.



  • The power distance between the Local Leader and the internal team decreased.
  • Transformed the local leader into a Confident, empowered leader with greater self-control.
  • The diminution of internal team conflicts thanks to professional and clear communication. Well-established organizational structure and promoted international professional standards in the work culture.
  • Stronger bond between the Local leader and the internal team, providing coaching and mentoring but allowing employees to make decisions and take ownership of their tasks.

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