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All You Need To Know About Process Communication Model

Posted on Jul 06, 2023.

Created by Dr. Taibi Kahler, the Process Communication Model (PCM) is an award-winning tool that can be used to decode human interaction. PCM reveals how a person perceives the world, how they communicate, how they are motivated, and how they will behave in distress.

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What is PCM certification?

PCM (Process Communication Model®is an innovative model that allows you to understand the depth of personality structure. NASA used it in the training and selection of astronauts for 20 years, and today this model is used by many well-known 500 companies.

Employees from organizations when joining PCM training can be equipped with the Process Communication Model® to

• Connect with themselves and one another

• Motivate their colleagues and teams

• Prevent and manage stressful conflicts.

After the course, they will receive PCM certificate learners for completing Process Communication Model® Level 1: Core topics.

Normally, the PCM Trainer certification program standardly takes six months to complete. It requires about twelve days of preparation, peer review, and study time. It consists of three modules, which include training put into practice, advanced training, and the trainer certification exam

The benefits of PCM certification

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With a mission that transcends work and a vision that applies to everyday life, PCM is different. This real-time model has extraordinary advantages for consultants and organizations:

If you are a trainer or a coach, you will expose to how to translate the insights of the model into everyday actions. Practicing the Process Communication Model® enables you to teach your clients how to understand what they need to be their best. From this place of awareness, they can learn to connect to the best in others. Here is how to get certified in PCM: https://processcommunicationmodel.com/get-certified/

When it comes to organization, getting PCM certification can improve communication, and productivity, and reduce conflict in the workplace. It’s important to invest in human development, especially for the management team to be leaders.

The impact of PCM certification on organizations

Based on Human behavior, this unique and reliable methodology is applicable to any culture, industry, and country. Whenever there is communication, the Process Communication Model® can be applied. In global, there are millions of PCM learners in 50 countries.

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In 2022, TYDE conducted customized PCM training for an international company in VIETNAM, read this article to see the results: https://tydeconsulting.net/blog/tyde-client-experience-spring-manager-spring-leader

If you are curious to know more about the statistics regarding the effectiveness of PCM training please check the following articles:

The value of working with a certified PCM trainer

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Not only a certified PCM trainer has expertise in soft skills, but she also has experience in delivering effective PCM training. They know how to create engaging activities that can help you improve your team-building, communication, and other skill.

By achieving supreme self-awareness as a PCM trainer, that person has the ability to adapt her behaviors to connect to the best in everyone. Thus, she is able to give you practical advice in person or in groups.

As PCM is a scientifically validated tool, the certification for a trainer is also trustworthy and the trainer has to experience intensive training to accumulate knowledge and absorb it.

How to find a certified PCM trainer

  • First, Search on the official website of PCM:

The global PCM network of over 4,500 certified professionals across 54 countries has trained and coached more than 1.5 million people in 24 languages! Find certified PCM professionals around the world here: https://processcommunicationmodel.com/pcm-certified-professionals/

  • Second, Check that person’s certification on their website or LinkedIn profile
  • Last but not least, Look for referrals from other organizations

Our CEO- Ms. Denise Truong The 1st trainer in Vietnam certified in Process Communication Model® will help you develop a certification scheme so that individuals, who have received PCM training, are able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the methodology.

In short, The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is the leading tool for decoding human interactions. Use PCM to identify and leverage our differences. And make a difference for yourself, and others. In every situation and setting, every day. If you are looking for a trustworthy training provider, TYDE is here to help! We believe your sustainable growth is the reason why TYDE exists, book our training to experience this exclusive tool in Vietnam!

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