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Tyde Consulting: Strategic Partnership with Source of Asia

Project Background

TYDE Consulting provides HR consulting and corporate training programs in Intercultural Communication, Public Speaking, and Emotional Intelligence that help bridge the gap between C-levels and middle managers in international work environments in Vietnam.

Source of Asia (SoA) is an on-the-ground expert firm in Southeast Asia for market growth strategy. In 2022, TYDE Consulting and SoA officially marked a strategic partnership to offer a complete Supply Chain mission from identifying potential suppliers and conducting factory audits to the HR transition process in the Vietnam...

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Business Growth Goes With People Growth

It's a well-known practice that by investing in people, they’ll have the motivation and drive a business needs to grow and succeed. Companies can then maximize their return on investment and position themselves for sustainable growth. This article will share some recommendations for growing your organization.

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Better Employee Retention with Compassionate Leadership

One of the most effective approaches for leaders to build authentic, trust-based relationships with team members is Compassionate Leadership. This leading style results in greater engagement, and satisfaction in your people and boost a higher retention rate. Want to know more about this leadership style, read this article!

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Be Authentic To Inspire Your Teams

Is making an effort to care for your employees and provide wise solutions for work-related issues enough to inspire your team? The answer is NOT ENOUGH! “Being authentic at work” is also one of the keys to gaining trust from your employees. To be a great leader, you don’t need to be perfect or have a one-size-fits-all leadership style. All you need to do is be yourself as a leader, not someone else.

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Public Speaking - Face The Fear or Escape From It?

Have you ever heard that there is a strong link between Public speaking and leadership? Speaking confidently in public is a crucial part of effective communication, which is an indispensable requirement for a leader. However, Public Speaking is still a nerve-racking skill for many of us. The good news is that we can conquer this fear by facing it, understanding it, and honing it. Read this article to gain more insights about Public Speaking!

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A Toxic Workplace Can Destroy Your Employee Well-being

Although several waves of layoffs are announced across industries, as a response to the current economic downturn, it is crucial to reinforce a safe environment for the employees who stay and employee well-being must be a priority for companies.

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Let’s Build a Sustainable Workplace!

Encouraging sustainable and environmentally conscious practices in the workplace will help your workforce feel healthier, keep your employees more satisfied, and create an environment that allows your people to thrive at work. Discover how to make ‘green thinking’ a key part of your company culture in this post!

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Why DEIB Matters in the workplace

Diversity drives innovation and success in today's global economy by bringing individuals together with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to create a dynamic and productive team. Find more about ways to boost DEIB at work in this article!

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European study highlights the positive impact of Process Communication Model training

Looking for Process Communication Model statistics? Here is the result of the European study on the effectiveness of PCM training. While PCM is still a novel tool in Asia, European countries have a chance to approach this model very early. Discover the impacts of the training on participants in this article!

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The Impact of PCM on Surgeons and Healthcare Communication

Effective communication is essential in everyday life, and surgeons cannot compromise on it when it comes to patient safety throughout the entire surgical process. Learn how Process Communication Model Training aids surgeons in developing this competence.

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