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There's No Better Time To Invest In Yourself Than Now

While there are many tools and models that help us discover our strengths and personalities, PCM is a scientifically-validated skillset that we shouldn't miss out on as this model helps you decode human behaviors to know yourself first, then understand & connect with a diversity of people and finally motivate others to be the best version of themselves.

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All You Need To Know About Process Communication Model

Did you know all about Process Communication Model and its impact on your employees? In our last article, we talked about the origins of PCM, but there are still interesting facts about this tool. Follow us to unpack all the facts about PCM and how to get a PCM certificate in this article.

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Master your Communication skills like NASA

To be considered for an astronaut position, applicants must meet some qualifications and have skills in leadership, teamwork, and communications. This article will reveal the untold story of the astronaut selection by NASA.

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Do you know all about Emotional Intelligence?

Emotion determines how we perceive our world, organize our memory and make important decisions. By cultivating a deeper understanding of our emotions and their impact, we can boost personal growth, build stronger relationships and excel in our professional endeavors. Check out your knowledge about Emotional Intelligence here!

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Unpack the influence of Stress Management training

As the lines between work and personal life blur, stress has become a pervasive issue in many workplaces. The sooner we recognize the signs, the quicker we can take action to make things better. One effective approach to this problem lies in managers, they can provide their teams with many ways to handle stress, typically taking advantage of stress-management training.

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European study highlights the positive impact of Process Communication Model training

Looking for Process Communication Model statistics? Here is the result of the European study on the effectiveness of PCM training. While PCM is still a novel tool in Asia, European countries have a chance to approach this model very early. Discover the impacts of the training on participants in this article!

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Why Emotional Awareness Can Solve Conflicts?

Starting with a simple question "How Do I Feel Right Now?" can help you to position your emotional state. From there, you can start to discover your own path to solving conflicts & empower great connections with others - Ms. Denise Truong | Founder/ CEO of TYDE consulting/ Certified Trainer & Coach. Community builder. Learn more about the effect of Emotional Awareness in this article!

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How can Process Communication Model (PCM) help managers?

Want to be revealed the secret to unlocking team potential and resolving conflicts? Are you looking for ways to optimize team performance, build stronger relationships, and create a positive work culture with PCM? Let's discover how the Process Communication Model (PCM) helps managers in this article!

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How to respond to conflict

Resolving workplace conflicts is always a big challenge for many people, especially for leaders. If you want to deal with it, it is important to learn about the conflict itself first. Ready to know the solution?

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Three Contributors Towards Happiness At Work

How can I foster happiness at work for my teammates? It's one of the frequent questions that many managers look for. This article will help you know the three important factors contributing to happiness. Read it now!

#Emotional intelligence #Employee experience #Human Resource management

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